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Winter Soirée

When Lawrence contacted me about his last photo project, I was really excited about it. My mind went wild and I had a lot of ideas, i took several photos, and finally edited only a few of them. I love his projects.
However, this project was sooooo frustrating for me.
Indeed, I knew so few about it and the worst thing: I had to shut it […]

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Lil Chuu

First of all, i wanted to wish you an Happy belated Birthday !
You see, you definetely pick the worst momma you could ever find. She even forgets your birthday. She should at least feel ashamed of that, but nahhhhh… Gladly, Apple put a reminder on her phone. […]

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Au commencement: Zhiend

Au commencement, il y a eu un anime « Charlotte », et puis une chanson commença à résonner fort dans ma cervelle. Je l’adore, autant l’anime que la musique de Zhiend dans ce dernier. Je l’ai écouté en boucle sans vraiment m’en apercevoir tout en fredonnant. J’ai été imprégnée toute une journée de cette mélodie. Elle me parle […]

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Months ago i took a break from Second Life, I needed time to focus on my real one. Time is not money, but still precious. In fact, sometimes I really think that a day is way too short. When I came back, i was rarely online, but I could hang out with some of my friends. And I won a new nickname : « The psychiatrist ! » […]