The Secret


When Lawrence contacted me about his last photo project, I was really excited about it. My mind went wild and I had a lot of ideas, i took several photos, and finally edited only a few of them. I love his projects.

However, this project was sooooo frustrating for me.

Indeed, I knew so few about it and the worst thing: I had to shut it. But it was worthy. The first surprise was The winter Soirée. I am not really excited when it's about social things, I am quite a loner even if I still appreciate being surrounded. Plus, I feel so awkward when it's about to talk with people I don't know. As I was very busy during the weekend, I was affraid to fall asleep straight after getting home. But I really had to attend it.

In fact, I discovered that two of my pictures are exposed there. It was such an honor for me ! Because all the photos exposed are beautiful, they are all from great photographers. The sim is outstanding also. Even if I only could stay less than two hours, I can tell they hosted a great soirée, full of surprises. Santa was also there, and delivered gifts to all. [ Well it's not Santa Claus but Santa Pryce ]

The day after the soirée, I went back there to show the galleries to my sis and also to take a picture of the venue. I met Lawrence, so I finally ended trying to immortalize him instead. As the theme was Vintage Glamour, I tried to make a vintage portrait. It's not the angle I wanted, but with his AO, it was difficult to have a great shot in the few time I had. Anyway, I still can ask him to pose for me later.

I do like the result, I hope he will love it. After all he made my day, my Christmas. And to be honest, I don't know how to show how much I am grateful to him. He is such a brilliant and mysterious man, an awesome manager, a talented photographer. It's still hard for me to believe what I read the times he invited me to his photos project.

The sim will close on Tuesday 31st December so If you want to pay a visit :

I wish you a Merry Christmas.

The Man Behind The Project






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