Flower of Carnage

A dear friend of mine shared a music video link to me, saying this song made him think of me.  As I don't understand japanese, I searched the lyrics on the web. Weirdly, I found four different translations which are very different. Unsatified with my research, I searched again and I found a blog explaining the mistakes in the translations and the author shared one.

So i give it to you :

In the dead morning, I see snow of vengeance falling from the sky
Stray dogs howl and the sound of my Geta groaning
I walk on with my eyes focused on the weight of my karma
Embracing darkness, just a wooden umbrella in my hand
I am a woman who treads the road of destiny;
it has been long since I cast away my tears

I look back at the river mirroring reflections of the receding lights of the journey
Cranes stand still in the freezing cold, rain and wind cry out loud
Shadow of my disheveled hair on the icy water surface
I won't even shed a drop of tear, just a wooden umbrella in my hand
I am a woman who treads the road of vengeance;
it has been long since I discarded my heart

Obligations and mercy, tears and dreams
I am stranger to them yesterday or tomorrow
I entrust myself to the river of vengeance
It has been long since I abandoned my womanhood

Sources : http://kaytos.blogspot.com/2007_02_01_archive.html

Now that i know the meaning of this song, I am wondering what I have done to let him think I am like that.

PS: Thank you little Tanuki for inspiring me this picture.






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