In my article about the Winter Soirée, I wrote few words about the man behind the project. Who is that mysterious guy ? Well, I often speak about him, as I love his photo contests and working for him have been a pleasure for me. Even if sometimes it's really frustrating. Indeed, I am doubtful about my photos, about my capabilities. So I am quite annoying with that, but meeting his expectations while working with him is really rewarding.

Lawrence is picky. Indeed, he knows what he likes and also what he wants.

I guess it's because he interiorizes a lot. He is really thoughtful and such an hard worker too. That makes him an amazing manager. Also, he is kind and open minded, moreover he takes the time to answer my doubts and my silly questions. I am such a bother sometimes ! Though, this "Monsieur" always replies and sometimes laughs about my stupidity. Did I just say I was stupid ?.... Nahhh it's just an illusion !

I said that I will ask him to pose for me, so today I show you how handsome he is.

I had hard times to find how I wanted him to look like on his portrait. The tough part of portraying is in showing that the model is special. That he is unique and you have your unique way to see him. That you capture the essence of the person to expose it to everybody. ( It's harder when the model is a living mystery like Lawrence though ) Also, it has to please the person you portray. I don't know if I am that good for this exercise. However, I try to share a stolen instant, a mood, a thought, an attitude... with my sensitivity of the moment.



PS : Thank you Lawrence for being a perfect model. Usually, I voice during a photoshooting except with people who didn't agree at first. However coughing on microphone is not something really great to hear. I saved your ears ! Even if I have been like an autist, you didn't complain, not even once. You're such a gentleman !






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