First of all, i wanted to wish you an Happy belated Birthday !

You see, you definetely pick the worst momma you could ever find. She even forgets your birthday. She should at least feel ashamed of that, but nahhhhh... Gladly, Apple put a reminder on her phone. I am so grateful to this drama queen.

How on earth could I become a SL momma, huh ?

Am I that old to have a grown child like you ? Why did you adopt me already ? You know how bad I am to stay in touch with people, I forget things "like birthday", I give cold shoulder when I am not supposed to, and worst of all, I scold and tease you. It's not my fault, if humans' relationships sound so awkward to me ! I guess it's hopeless to find answers to my questions.


The Butterfly Effect:

The scientific theory that a single occurence, no matter how small, can change the course of the universe forever.


Like you, I believe in the butterfly effect. We are such dreamers !

Don't let people discourage you ! I know how kind hearted you are. Such an hardworker too ! You just need to never give up. To still believe that in this world, we still need ideals. Even though, sometimes life can be tough, cherish your dreams, work hard for them, and I can ensure you, they will become true.

You are so close to realize them, after all.

Anyway, you are stronger than you think. You should believe more in yourself, in your great potential. No matter how sneaky, pervy, you can be, you know, you will always have my support. [ That doesn't mean, I give you the right to pick on Apple... hehe ] Even if I am independant, even if I am clumsy with you, and sometimes boring too, you still can talk to me. My door and my arms are open for you.

♥ With all my love ♥


PS: Well, don't forget how grumpy I am if you dare waking me up late at night or too early in the morning.








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