Ella contacted me again for an exhibition at Mindful Cove. This time the theme was: Beautiful Summer. i gave a lot of thoughts to this project, wondering what sounded beautiful in summer to me. As a child, it was my favorite season, surely because it was the period of the year when I could spend the most time with my little daddy.

But what about now?

As an adult now, as my little daddy is not around anymore, what makes me happy during summer? How do I feel? What is important to me?

The first thing that crossed my mind was the insufferable heat, the thing that I really can't stand since years. And all started with that in mind.


Parallèle I

Un jour comme tant d'autres, une journée suffocante où la chaleur atteint des sommets, où les immeubles réfléchissent et diffusent les lumières nous rendant tous aveugles. Un jour où tout le monde reste chez soi, car seuls les fous errent dans les rues, car seuls les fous peuvent supporter l'air pollué et survivre à une insolation. Une journée où j'attends patiemment que les températures redeviennent clémentes pour scruter les nuages et finalement laisser mon esprit errer librement


A day like another one, a suffocating day when the heat reaches some peaks, where the buildings reflect and diffuse the lights making everybody blind. A day where everybody stays at home because only fools roam in the streets, because only fools can stand the polluted air and survive a heat stroke. A day when I patiently wait for the temperatures to be clement to finally cloud gaze and let my mind roam free.

I invite you to come to Mindful Cove and discover the work of different artists and their visions.





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