Seven Deadly Sins - Sloth

        This month the magazine Attention is organizing a contest with the theme: the 7 deadly sins. Mine is already found: Sloth. Especially with the move of the Nix Club. So, I decided to tell you my little story mixing my stupidity, my words, then my image.

1. The moving syndrom

        Who has never moved at least once in a lifetime? Who has never known the hell of packaging, or worse, unpacking? Fortunately, in second life, it’s easier! Indeed, instead of everything packaged, you just have to put everything in your inventory, or delete duplicates. But it would not be so simple if there was not the famous moving syndrome. I admit that I have just invented the latter. But I will describe it to you, you will tell me what you think about it.

        Once you have removed everything, you feel overwhelmed with nostalgia, reminding you of the good times, and of course, obscuring the bad ones. It would be too simple, otherwise! Then, you say that if it is, the new place would not be so attractive after all. Then comes the moment when after deciding of giving up your old home, and that you say to him once and for all goodbye, that you find the brand new, the « beautiful one ».

You are disappointed!

       Shit ! It’s empty here! It is obvious that it is, since you have everything messed up! The dreaded moment comes: unpacking! And there, it lasts an eternity. I unpack everything I can, so I will get lost in the mountains of objects, creating a fantastic labyrinth with for reference only daylight …  At last I will land on the ground, relax my vigilance, thus abandoning myself to this good old Morpheus.

You will understand, sloth is my ugly sin !

       That’s what I call moving syndrome! This cheerful, exciting, depressing moment, where you have only one desire, is to be lazy. And you put it soft in all this bazaar that you will have happily organized!

2. The good news

       All this to tell you that the Nix Club has indeed moved and that now everything is in place, finally almost … and you will find it ICI

       Last but not least, I love photography. Um, you may already know it! I often present my « works » in contests, and this one is in competition for the one organized by the magazine Attention. So wish me luck …

       Want to know more about Nix Club

3. What I’m wearing in the pic:

  • Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
  • Mesh Head:LeLutka Bento Head-SIMONE 3.0
  • Mesh Head Applier: Glam Affair – Milena – Asia tone
  • Eyes: [ MUDSKIN ]_LUISANT EYELENS – Powder Pack January 2018
  • Sweatshirt: Addams – Melisa SweatShirt – Past luxeBox
  • Panties: Seniha. Kitty Panty // Fatpack
  • Socks: REIGN – Reigndeer slippers and socks – group gift

4. Decor

It was so, so messy, that the only things i remember is that i put some plants from Soy, Keke and Dust Bunny. The books are from Apple Fall, Half Deer and also Keke … promise i will do better next time.