Fairy and Dragon

I stopped collaboration since a long time now, and to be honest I am fine like that. I am not comfortable with taking part of a project that I have to give my vision while sometimes I really don't have one. Finally I always had to deal with the other person's vision, and I realized how much it's not my cup of tea. But posing for me is a different matter.

Originally, I planned to portray her but finally we are together in this picture !

She prefered to pose by my side than alone. Who is Isobel ? I mentionned her long time ago in one of my blog post. Indeed, for this article, for this project, she was a great help for me. In fact, I needed her to translate my poems to make them understandable in english. I am well aware that i don't get the subtilities in it. However, I try to write in this language, my level is not that bad for a frenchy girl, but not enough to convey properly what I really mean.

At this time, Isobel used to write, and I loved her style, her sensitivity in her text.

She was definitely perfect to help me. And she kindly accepted. She is by far way better than me in writing, and it's sad she focuses mostly on blogging nowadays. However, I understand how much it is hard to find time to do all the things we want to. Of course, she is as well photographer.

She is a mystical creature straight out of a fairy tale.

She ressembles a lot of a fairy. She is mischevious, sensitive, fun. During this shooting, it was delightful to have her joking around. She is refreshing and so natural. And it's maybe what I like the most in her. She is shy, not that talkative at first, but with time, when I got to know her more, I realized how much she is unique.

At the beginning I wanted to show her as a beautiful ladybird. Perhaps I will keep that project in mind and make it alive later. Who knows ?





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