Foodies for life

When two foodies meet, what do they do?

It's obvious!... *The bell rings*...  Food Porn!

Novella is a sweet heart, she sent me a gift. It's a food set. Damn! This girl is obssessed with asian food. So do I! So I really had to make a picture related to that. It's an improvised project, however I really enjoyed inviting her and making a fun picture, for once in a while. Usually, I am not really good at it, but who cares. After all, I like changing my styles, my inspiration, doing whatever I like.

Freedom is really something precious to me.

I also took advantage of this shooting to include a building sent by Yumi Pancake a friend of mine. Sadly, it's not well seen. However, I suck at decor and landscape picture as well. I should certainly work on improving that. Argh !!! Too much thing to do and so few time to make everything I want.

Anyway, I just want to be lazy nowadays !


PS: I give you the marketplace to find some nice japanese items built by Yumi. Maybe she will add the building later on it. I can give also the gallery of all her mesh to check.







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