Definitely a weirdo

The first time I listenned to this song, it was last year during the confinment. I was living tough moments and sometimes I just couldn't bear to think of what was happenning. I was not even able to speak properly about the situation. I was just very cold nor close to cry a river. No inbetween!

This world was weird, my world was weird, and on top of that, I am a WEIRDO.

So maybe it was because of all that I took a liking to this song. I remember I was putting my earphones up with loud music and do all the things like that, like an autist. I was not thinking, I was not feeling, I was just focusing on music, sometimes even singing.

Poor neighbors of mine!

So why did I pick this song for my picture? I don't have any idea! But if I dig up a bit, it's maybe because unconsciously I judge that it's time to turn the page. Maybe I am ready to talk about what happened freely, without being ashamed nor hurt.


PS: I wanted to thank my precious Chuu for these gorgeous glasses, and also, because I always could count on him this whole year when I was going through hell. Thank you for being such a sweetheart, for lending me a ear everytime I needed. You are irreplaceable.


You can find those glasses at Mini A Chuu .





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