Tenki no ko ~ Enchantment's Kitsune Tales Photo Contest Entry

I am a big fan of Miyazaki's work. Indeed, in the japanese animation, he is very famous all over the world. But this time, I have been inspired by Makoto Shinkai's last animation movie. In fact, in his work, we can find a kind of magical universe. After all, it's not for nothing that he is called the "New Miyazaki".

"Tenki no ko" or in english "Weathering with you" is his last movie.

To be honest, I really enjoyed watching it. His work through years is amazing. I can say that I admire his work. "Your name" was a blockbuster and this one is also a masterpiece. Well, for sure, it's only my humble opinion, an opinion from an otaku.

I watched it in vostfr, and the soundtracks inside made me travel, made me immerse more in the story. As for "Your name", Makoto Shinkai called Radwimps to compose and interpret the music.

So in the movie, it talks about a girl who can chase away the rain with her prayers and is called "the girl of the sun". She is a kind of weather maiden. There's a legend in, that says she is supposedly possessed by a kitsune. And that's what I wanted to illustrate with my picture.

I really recommend this movie for the story, the animation. It's really enchanting. It's because of this kind of movie, that I realize that the little girl inside me is still living and still able to dream.


PS: I really love the kitsune legends, the japanese folklor, this mystic universe and that's the reason I present my picture to a contest organized by Enchantment. I couldn't make one as the theme is "Kitsune". Maybe should I make another one?


What I am wearing on the pic:






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