Waiting on the train

...To the happiness

What is the meaning of life? Why do we live a sorrowful and regretful life? What is our purpose to live? It's the things that haunts you! It's the things I only got few answers but so many questions about. It's the things that haunted me so many times I can't count, and to be honest, sometimes I still think about.

However, do we really need a purpose?

From my own experience, I can only say one thing. No matter if you lose your goals, the best is to find new ones. Sometimes you can feel like it's tasteless or meaningless, but with time, new ones will come to you naturally. It's in human nature to have aspiration after all.

Suffering is a part of our life. We all experience it

From our first breath, as a newborn, we discover the pain. It is painful to live, to fight for living, every seconds, every minutes, our cells fight, we endure the pain, but it's far from being worthless. All those efforts, even the ones you can't see has a meaning. Being hurt, is just a way to remind you that you are alive. You just need to find a way to sooth the pain and see how precious life is.

What do you like? What do you enjoy doing?

I remember of a girl who loves taking pictures of the sunsets, who loves her cats deeply, who enjoys eating pipas and nagging me. A strange being whom brings sunlight everywhere she goes. If you wonder why you are still alive, I would say selfishly that I need you. Indeed, every single person who dare look at you, even just a bit, find you beautiful and unique.

You don't really have to forget the ones you lost.

They will never be disappointed to see you shine as you always did. Actually, it's the opposite. They will be saddened to see you thinking you are lost in darkness while everybody else see you as a lighthouse. You might think that you missed the train to the happiness but keep in mind that if you miss one, another one will come.

You deserve to be happy.

With all my love ♥

About my sponsor

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