Where is my mind

"By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest."



Months ago i took a break from Second Life, I needed time to focus on my real one. Time is not money, but still precious. Indeed, sometimes I really think that a day is way too short. When I came back, i was rarely online, but I could hang out with some of my friends. And I won a new nickname : « The psychiatrist »

How on earth I became your therapist ?

I am way better than a personal psychiatrist. I don't only take note, I don't only answer : « hmm » to anything you say, I don't give any medication neither. But I make you laugh. Isn't it the best medicine on earth ? Plus I don't charge you, neither your friends. [ Should I ? … *Smirks* ]

Sometimes the simplest way to help someone in need, is just to listen.

I am certainly not the best, but i try my best. I usually talk from my own experience, from my own observation, from my understanding. I am not the smarter neither the wiser. But if my words can reach you, if they could help you, then I am really glad about it.

I am far from being a living encyclopedia, I don't have all the answers. Anyway, it's not really necessary to be aknowledged of everything. Usually the simplest solutions are the most efficient. Most of the time, we tend to think that everything is complicated. Is it really the case ? Certainly not!

When we think of happiness, we think of our childhood dreams, we think of our ambitions, we think of perfect love, perfect family etc... Is it really hapiness or just our expectations ? To be happy doesn't mean to be the richer in the world, doesn't mean to be the most handsome guy, doesn't mean to be perfect.

"See simplicity in the complicated. Achieve greatness in little things."


Lay down, close your eyes, deeply breathe, think of what makes you feel at ease, of what makes you feel warm inside, of what makes you really smile ...






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