The Sky Sings Its Chorus

After I finished the edition of this picture, I asked on discord what they were thinking about this portrait. Chuu answered me: " It's kinda poetically sad. It's like a music video." I told him that I had no music in particular in my head while I was working on photoshop. However, I am all the time working with music in background.

So I checked Youtube and which playlist I was listenning to.

And I found this song you are actually hearing. It's from Alaskan tape. I really love their work. I found the title of this tune perfect to be my picture one. After all, I am pretty sure this music influenced me when I was editing my photo.This portrait is one of the numerous I worked on for the Focus-Seabrook Challenge and will be my last submission. I thought I wouldn't have time to finish everything.

Finally I was wrong.






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