Faun Sisters

The first time I met Apple, I thought she was a bitch.

Well she was a pretty faun, half naked, and supposedly timid. I am shy and not really sociable, but at least I greet or answer when people talk to me. But this woman... nothing could do, never talking nor replying. Then time flew and she went out of her shell and it became a real disaster.

At first, I thought she was just snobbing people around.

In fact, she didn't read the chat console, neither her instant messages. You can't imagine how frustrating it was ! So I had no choice to go on voice. My english was really bad at this time. And maybe it became worst, as i learned too much bad words. But since I decided to let her hear my voice, our interactions changed. And I discovered the reality behind her silence.

She was sleeping !

She was most of the time, and so noisy for the rest of it. I heard her yelling so many times that i can't count. However, my silent world, my refuge, started to disappear with her. And my conception of second life turned out to be the opposite of what it was. I rarely interacted with people, never let them enter my safety zone, never let them know who I was.

It was a revolution for me !

Did you ever see a tree snoring ? I did ! It's surprising, and amazing ! She used to sulk, yell, laugh loudly and snore. She is the most lively and pretty creature I have ever met. She puts my world upside down and in a certain way she became essential for my entertainment. I wanted to know her more and more...

To be continued [...]



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