Faun Sisters...

It's been years now we know each others. And as time flew I became addicted to her. I usually say that I am like a cat. In fact, I am in a certain way like them. Independant, playful, loner, wanderer... but from time to time I come back to some people and become clingy.

So if I am a cat, Apple is definitely Cat weed.

I can get bored, annoyed, and being silent for days, weeks... but I always come back for my hugs and cling to her, almost wanting to monopolize her. It can't be helped, it's the way I am. Even if we argue, even if I am sometimes rude, I can't just let her go. She is one of the rare that could understand the way I am. And I think she doesn't know how much she can see through me.

Sometimes I just feel down and come to her without saying it.

I just don't want to talk about annoying things happening in life. It's boring after all ! And with her magic tricks, she makes me laugh like hell and I feel good again. She is like a sunlight in a dark room. I can complain about her, saying how much she is a drama queen, nagging or teasing her a lot. However, the truth is, with her, I can be truly myself. The goofball, the shy, the rude, the reasonning, the doubtful, the picky, the diva, the emotional...

I know already she accepted all faces of mine.

I said in my previous article, she brought a disaster. It's true ! She destroyed the castle I was living in, my armor... Once I ended all naked without anything to cover up all my flaws, she just embraced me with her warmth. Naturally, she became my shelter. There is no other place I would rather be but by her side. She put my world upside down, but it's with her that I feel the more comfortable.

You are my sister definitely for the best, just stay the way you are. You are amazing !


PS : Please, don't forget to derezz your boxes after unpacking your stuff ! I am not your maid ! Geez !!!!



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