Se lier

As I previously metionned I will post most of the pictures I took for Seiiki's exhibition. At least, my favorites or the ones that mean a lot to me. After Nix, Petrus and Adam, today it's Chuu's turn.

The words I wrote with the picture:

I believe that there's always a moment when we give in. We decide to let enter someone in our tiny universe and just link. We create bonds, many kind of bonds. May it be love, friendship or even family. Chuu is a special being to me, unique in his way, positive, supportive and it's because of all that, our link was created."


Indeed, Chuu is special to me, always around anytime I need him, he is such a dreamer, generous, and also hardworker. He always puts his heart on his sleeve. He contacted me about his last project and it's so like him. He decided to organize a charity event.

In case you are interested of being part of it: Saving Throw Charity Event

And if you prefer to donate: Extra Life and Children's Miracle Network Hospitals

Let's cross fingers and toes to see it becoming a big success.





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