Twinkle, twinkle...

Yesterday opened a charity event.

I already talked about it briefly as I know one of the organizer's staff and it's my little Chuu. I am there as a merchant with Nix. We made a new product which will be sold with 50% of benefits for the "Extra life" association

This association take care of hospitalized kids.

There is not only merchants there, but also a lot of events. It's mostly about gaming. Indeed what's best to give good laughs and lighten moods if it isn't fun games. The goal here is not to make profits, is to just have fun, also some events are streamed.

I give you the planning for every event until the end: Planning

Here is the taxi for the event: Taxi


PS: Thank you Chuu for inviting us to this event, I know you always volunteered for charity and how much you take it at heart. Hopefully, the goal will be reached, and the event will be successful. Thank you for all the efforts you put in whatever you do.











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