Today I introduce the new animation Hud from Inmotion. It's a swimming hud. For the new release, Inmotion organized a hunt. So tuesday I put my swimsuit on, put the swimming hud and plunged in the water to dig out all the treasures they have hidden. If you wonder how the hud works or if the animations are great, you can try it for an hour, the time to participate to the hunt and enjoy the beautiful underwater landscape. There are actually 15 prizes, from different sponsors like NARS, Fundati, Steelhead, Inmotion, Warm Animations, etc...It was immersive and if I didn't have to pick up my phone I would have found them all. Anyway I still have until June 30th to go back there and find the ones I missed.

All the infos for the hunt

Underwater Hunt Flyer


Ce que je porte/ What I am wearing:






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