- Patio -

"Little stories not to sleep at night":

- Patio -

It is spring, nature following its course, has awakened, having abandoned my garden all winter, I hasten this day to give it again an acceptable form. My tools in hand, I am busy. After a few hours mowing, clearing, pruning, restructuring, I allow myself time to marvel at this idyllic landscape. In the distance, I see this magnificent creature, she appears to me like a muse on a canvas, the light sublimates her hair where the breeze takes pleasure in engulfing it. Seated, an ice cream in hand, she seems to sail in her imagination, surrendering herself to these simple pleasures.

I can not stop myself to watch her, her least smiles, eyebrows, her mimicry, the way her fingers go through the pages or push her hair back. Everything in her is only grace, sensuality, pleasure, she is the embodiment of the word feminine.

Making me discreet, while not leaving her eyes, I approach the object of my admiration, she delights in her cone ... The heat of her mouth got the best of the ice, now lining her lips with pearly pearls, she hastens to lick them greedily, the way she lets her tongue run over the cream, which she closes her eyes for better appreciate the sensations; in spite of myself, sends me back to lustful images. I see her doing the same on my member, playing with his mouth, his lips, tasting me, swallowing me. My imagination ignites so much that it becomes obsessing. Oh how I would love to be his treat! To melt in contact with her skin and under her hot breath, to fall prey to her tongues, to become the object of her sighs and all her desires ...  I'm just a few steps away, I let you my beautiful enjoying the soft rays of the sun, I then pass in your back depriving me of this delicious show but with a specific objective ... My hand comes touch your shoulders, tenderly, you seize it with yours, then you raise your head and smile at me. Without saying a word, you resume your reading as if nothing had happened. I let my palms run through your arms, caress you gently, I just put a soft kiss on your temple, my fingers can not resist the velvety touch of your face, and come slide to your throat. I enclose it, and take possession of the ground. I lean over and kiss your neck, letting my lips trail before removing them, I feel your amusement but you pretend to continue your literary adventure. You even like to giggle silently. What a naughty! I will show you that I am much more distracting than this book. Grabbing your chin with my fingers, I make you look into my eyes for a moment, and steal a kiss.

For my queen, I get on my knees, and gently take one of his bare feet in my hands. It's hardly if you deign to look at me. Never mind, I'll make you beg me!

By small pressure I mass your toes, it takes me the desire to pamper them, kiss them, I can not resist licking them delicately, sucking them ... My hands back along your calves, then your thighs, outside inwards. They are round, sweet ... delicious ... it's too much! I can not control myself anymore, I feel this irrepressible desire to lose myself between them. In spite of me, I grab your legs and pull you towards me with a sharp blow. Your little cry makes me smile, you will not escape! You are my prey! I plate you down and with all my weight I hold you, with a gesture I slide your panties to release the object of my lust. Like an animal, I sniff you ... I love this sweet flowering scent! My fingers are rubbing your vulva, my index finger likes to make a path making movements up and down. What is this protuberance? I have to go check! Slowly, I put a light kiss, I blow on it. To watch you twist you entice me, sharpens my instinct, I want to feel you give in.

Unconsciously, I bite my lips at the sight of your body, I know you want to keep control, so tease, I give a lick on your clitoris, you're sweet, you're like a candy that I will take pleasure in enjoy. With more steady movements, my tongue plays to walk on your labia minora, I feel you arching, with my mouth I suck one of them, stuck between mines, I alternate sucking and playing with my tongue. I reserve the same treatment as you did to your ice cream. My fingers become very playfuls, come caress the entry of your vagina, it's hot, soft and wet. And if I came to taste? Darting, teasing, penetrating you languorously, I feel your cum pouring; leaving a salty taste on my taste buds. You grab my hair, pull it to better hold me on your sex. I go flatter your rosebud, sucking in turn. The tension on my abdomen getting stronger and stronger, I only want one thing ... to own you!

Like a cat, I crawl to your face, laying down sweet kisses on your belly, your neck, to finally devour your irresistible rosy lips swollen with desire, then eyes in the eyes, slyly, I'm stripping off, and slide my pants on my legs. My hands sneak under your buttocks, I lift you, draw you to me, and take you ...

Naughty, see what you did to me!