Un vendredi

Last week I moved !

I hate so much moving in SL, it's really an annoyance I try to avoid. But after a month of being annoyed by my neighbors, I guess it was necessary. After all, I was so mad, that it was way better to leave the place instead of trying to find a compromise. Sometimes, the best solution is to take a leave instead of fighting for something people won't care about.

I finally found a new place !

I searched and searched, and last wednesday I was happy to find a parcel for us. If I move, I bring my sis with me, it's evident. This time, instead of giving her a skybox like I did previously, I gave her the whole ground. Of course this lazy woman wouldn't do anything so I worked my ass off to make a decent and relaxing place.

I am glad I am finally done with her place.

Last friday, as I was still decorating, she invited her friend to hang out. While some people work, there are some talking about glittery rainbow sextoys... Anyway, my place is where there is no censorship, we talk freely, we laugh loudly, we curse... It's a living place that I affectionate and mostly because she is around.

Reaper said : « Ticha, you spoiled your sis too much ! »

It can't be helped, she is the kind of brat I want to spoil, the kind of woman who deserve to be treasured, the kind of people that makes your trip enjoyable and unforgettable. I am not the kind of person who praise others easily, and certainly not because of social ranking or materialistic things. What care for me is their humanity, their authenticity...

Here, we are ourselves !

PS : I was not joking about the karaoke party, so Apple, be prepared, and let us ear your melodic voice !



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