I love Lelutka. Well, Simone is my favorite head with my Genus Classic, I wear them all the time. I switch between them and feel comfortable with. Weirdly, people tends to tell me that it's me when I'm wearing Simone. It seems they associated me with this head. I tried the second generation when they were released, and there was all the time something bugging me while trying them.

They were not bad, just not my taste.

Last week they released the evolutions ones. So I gave it a try, and honestly, I loved Nova. The hud is quite confusing because it's really different from the previous version. But it's still pretty easy to use it. The first thing I said while I played with it was: They are genius. In fact, I am not still used to the head neither the hud but the mesh is beautiful. And on this head, the sliders while editing the shape are smooth and I love that. So I made a new shape, that you can see on the picture.


Ce que je porte sur la photo/ What I am wearing on the pic:






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