No need of a four-leaf clover

Yesterday, I had no idea on how to display the clover Gihn sent me. Apple was around, so I asked her if she has any idea. As always, she didn't. So I asked her if she wanted to pose for me. While I was building a decor, we were talking of various things and finally she imposed on me to pose beside her.

I had no other choice!

So while other search the precious four-leaf clover, we just enjoy time side by side and laughing about them.


PS: Special Thanks to Adam who have kind enough to rez some birds for us.

Words about my sponsor

Today I displayed the "Oxalis de Bellevue" from konoha. You can find them today on sale at The Sales Room until tonight. After, it will be possible to get them at the Konoha's store at full price.





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