La prima donna

Today I present my new sponsor "Prima" but also the newest body which will be released on October 1st at Fameshed.

It comes in 3 versions, the Busty, the Petite and the Elite. The Elite, the one I am wearing on the picture combined both other options. There's 2 body in each pack, the normal and the lite which is lighter on script but doesn't have the applier layer. In the pack you will find also nipples tattoo layers which are modifiable, shapes but also physics.

This body is BOM compatible so you won't need any alpha to wear it. As I own many body from different brand, I tested the skin I had, and I was surprised that I won't need to buy any new one as the one made for maitreya fits perfectly. So if you are a skin addict as I am, you know how much it costs in the end.

What I liked the most with the body is the tiny options that it offers. Tiny I said, not that much! Indeed, there are 7 nipples options, to flat to big areola with big nipples. 3 options for the breast, 3 types of navel, 3 kind of booty, 5 different position of feet, and the last but not the least the 4 kind of vulva. Yes people might say "it's details", but I love details like that. I do also appreciate that there is only one hud, everything you want is in. Materials, Hands animations, Nails with 7 shapes and in different colors, and all the basic functions you can find on any other body hud.

Today I took a picture with the busty option on so I made a shape curvier than the one I usually wear. In fact, when I heard the name of the brand, it comes to my mind "Prima Donna", the "Birth of Venus" the famous Botticelli's masterpiece. I will certainly take more pictures of the body, I wanted to show many options of it, sadly with flickr restriction I can't show "bits" so let's see if I can figure a way to enlight it.


Ce que je porte/ What I am wearing:

  • Tête/ Head: LeLUTKA Ceylon Head 3.1
  • Lelutka
  • Corps/ Body: *PRIMA* Femme Elite v1.0.220825 (Busty version)
  • On October 1st at Fameshed
  • Cheveux/ Hairstyle: DOUX - Carol hairstyle
  • Doux






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