It all started with her pinky finger

Izzie was hiding under the bed, hiding from me. It was frustrating, it was amusing to see how she rapidly ran away from my torture on her feet. Only her hand was visible, her delicate long fingers was enlighted, and as I was telling her some silliness, I couldn't help but tease her.

Like a cat I crawled on the sheets, slightly approaching my face to this only part visible at her own self.

I stared at her porcelain skin, her freckles, her sweet scent getting me as dizzy as greedy. At this moment, only my instincts talk, at this moment, the animal in me was roaring, and as I get closer to her, as I couldn't help but brush her skin with my hot breath. The more I smell her, the more I get intoxicated by her perfume. It's sweet, it's delicate, it's feminine, my tongue out, I flickr her pinky finger with the tip of it. My brain boiling, my desire climbing, my amusement reaching some peeks, I take it whole in my mouth, slightly sucking it between my lips, gently clenching my teeth around it.

The more I taste her and the more I want.

I grab her hand in mine and ask her to join me. As she comes back on the bed, as I see her beautiful curves unveiling. This spectacle I was craving to see, this spectacle engraved in my memory. In the shadows, with the few lights piercing through the blinds, I was eager to discover all her pinky bits...


PS: Thank you sooo much my sweet Isobel for posing with me. I apologize for the wait but I really wanted to write something in english and you know how much time it takes me to do so. Again, I thank you for being such a muse ♥





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