Last week, I have been contacted by Frank Atisso and I have been surprised by what he asked me. Indeed, he invited me to take part at the creative community. I had to make an exclusive picture for a charity event.

In fact, it's to support the American Cancer Society.

Relay for life is well known across the grid. While we were discussing about the details I remember I told him that I needed time and I haven't drunk enough tea to be creative. However, right after i wrote my sentence I saw what I wanted to illustrate.

A girl full of hope.

Usually in Asia we use lanterns to greet our lost ones, to make an hommage to our dears, but also we use it to make wishes, to send our hopes and seek help from our beloved. I imagined different images in my mind, but I stood for the simplest one. A sky full of star, a sky full of lanterns, a sky, with nothing else that our hopes.

You can purchase this picture at the Hopefest until sunday 12th, don't forget to check the other artists, also raffles and many other events running. Hopefully, many will come and donate to support a great cause.





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