It's been months I follow Celestial's stream, been a while I am impressed by his work. It's really delightful, I love how he expressed his emotions through his pictures, I love it's minimalistic but in a meantime really meaningful. I love the poses, the lights and shadows play, particularly in his black and white, the sensitivity in.

I met him at Lika's exhibit for the first time.

I met him at another exhibition and it was the only time someone apologized to me because he was standing close to me. It really surprised me but at the same time, he was thoughtful and considerate. When I asked him if he wanted to pose for me and added him to my friendlist he said: "Welcome in the demon life !"

I went with this project in mind because I wanted to highlight something I feel through his art.

To me, I see him not as a demon, an angel fallen for a misunderstanding. Everyone wants to reach the light, but what if you become affraid of it. I hope he will like this picture!

Thank you Celestial for being a unique model, I hope you will still share beautifully your emotions with everybody like you do. I wish you the best.





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