Ashley Carter far from the Voidar

I have bad habits, I have my routine and rarely change it, except for my sis because no matter the excuse she will rush on me like a tornado ... I usually log on SL, shop, chitchat, take a bunch of picture, and finally leave. I have been so long on antisocial mode that I got used to it. Anyway, I like my peace more than anything else.

But for once, I changed my plan.

Indeed, I got the chance to portray a photographer I admire. Ashley Carter is well known for her sci-fi stream. Voidar is her universe ! She got a brilliant idea creating a universe in another universe. At first, I thought it was just an image serie, it was before I realized the story behind.

I have to admit, that sometimes I am just like all the other lazy followers.

However, the story is catchy, fun and all in her own universe. So I definitely recommand anyone to read it and maybe you will end up like me, stuck in this story, eager to read the next chapter. Plus you will be delighted by the photos that illustrate each of them.

I met her because she invited me to be part of a project months ago.



Stronger Together. Unstoppable as One.

Can you even imagine the work behind this photo? I guess if you never tried this kind of thing you wouldn't know it is like a titan task.

Isn't it an EPIC poster ?

I was really honored to be a part of it, and I told her that in exchange I will ask her to pose for me. Time flew and I almost forgot. My bad ! However a promise is a promise. I took my time but finally, months after, I could honor my words.

She couldn't be of any help.

I asked her how she wanted to be portrayed... her fave music band... etc... No clue at all ! So, it's been free style ! I took a bunch of pictures and this is the first one of the two I plan to post. It's really girly, far from her "Sci-fi warrior, savior of the universe" character. It depended on her look of the day, and she came to me dressed like a girl.

I definitely had to put the accent on it.

So I show you the Ashley I saw this night !





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