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Some days ago, Vivien contacted the whole blogger team to prepare a surprise to Wicca. I talked to her to have some more informations, and I found her project lovely. Of course I wanted to be part of it! I was supposed to take a portrait of my avatar wearing Wicca's creation and also write some words to her.

As you already saw the picture, this is what I wrote to her :

Dear Wicca,

I might repeat myself a lot but I feel really blessed for the day I met you. To be honest, at that time, I was fed up with blogging but not only, angry with some persons, and just wanted to throw everything away and maybe quit SL definitely. It can't be helped, it's the way I am. Talking to you was refreshing, and discovering you has been delightful so far.

When you wanted to hire me, I was so surprised, stunned. However, thanks to your advices, your experience, your kindness, you gave me confidence in what I do, gave a certain value to my work while I thought it was meaningless, worthless. You are one of those who believed in me, in my potential when I just could not. Furthermore, you offered me a part of your universe, where I could find creativity and freedom. The things I needed to bloom.

You are truly a source of inspiration. Your craziness, your personality, your creativity, and even your insecurities make you amazing. To me, you are a friend I hold dear. I respect you, not as a designer, not as a boss, but as a unique human being in all her splendor.

PS: Enough butt-licking, else you will have it shining to the point people will only see it.

PS 2: I won't be responsible if Red sexually harassed you because of your shiny butt.




I am not the kind of person who praise anyone easily, not the kind to say nice things out of courtesy, politeness or because there's a scheme behind. If I don't like someone, I just ignore the person, I have better things to do than hanging out with people I don't have affinities with. In contrary, if I admire the work, like the person, then I don't think I should shut it.

I feel no shame of what I wrote.

Maybe a bit embarrassed though, but I think it was worthy. She told me I made her cry while I expected her to laugh about my stupidity. I am so happy she loved the gift, because to me, she's like family.

What I am wearing:







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