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Tali aka Bunny

It's been a while I told Tali I will take a picture of her. But I often forget the ideas I got, and sometimes also what I said. I am such airhead from time to time. And it's not that easy to find a moment neither.

Anyway, a promise is a promise !

She is mischevious, a cute bunny full of humor and kind. She was first a customer but it's so easy to talk with her, that sometimes I take the time to bother her. I can't help it ! It's like that we became friends. It seems that between shoppaholic it's easy to understand each other.

She wanted a fun picture, I think I am not good at it. So I made something cute and a bit more adult. She is like Jessica Rabbit. After all, I think those words are perfect for her.

 "I'm not bad.. I'm just drawn that way.."

Jessica Rabbit






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