No goood in being Snow White

I would never be good in being Snow White.

  1. I really hate wearing yellow. Maybe it's because I have a golden skintone in real life.
  2. I sing pretty badly. Trust me, if I sing, birds will run away from me. There is no doubt about it !
  3. My step mother is a jealous bitch and you think I would become a maid to please her ...
  4. If I ever meet a gang of 7 dwarf, I will never follow them. It's crazy to do so.
  5. I would never open my door to that kind of granny. So suspicious!
  6. Red Apple??? Gimme a green one instead !
  7. Nobody will never build me a crystal coffin, anyway I don't want to be a mummy.
  8. Waiting forever after a guy I met once, thinking he will free me from my curse? Well I can still dream of it !
  9. Being kissed in my sleep by a guy I met once... Be prepared to receive my punch !
  10. I love nature and animals BUT they don't love me except bugs and cats. Dammit, I am ready to be the old hag of this story !


Ce que je porte/ What I am wearing on the pic:

  • Tête/ Head: LeLUTKA Ceylon Head 3.0
  • LeLutka
  • Corps/ Body: [LEGACY] Meshbody (f) Perky Edition [+] Petite (1.4)
  • Legacy
  • Cheveux/ Hairstyle: tram K0328 hair
  • Tram
  • Lingerie +Top: S&P Snow White Harness +top
  • Salt & Pepper






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