It’s been more than a year i opened my little store on the marketplace where i sell female shapes dedicated to different mesh bento bento from different brands on the grid, with the opening of my inworld store i decided to create a little gallery here on my blog. I decided to start with highlighting one of my last creation: Kitty.

As a good shoppaholic, I felt in love with the last head from LAQ. She is so damn cute and i thought it was a must have. And Kitty was born once i got Poppy, and she is cute as heck, and sooooooooooooo Kawaii.

I will post more articles like this one relating each shapes i made with a super pictures, for sure very different from the ones on my marketplace but i wanted to let you see what you will have, so i opted to don’t edit the picture; but for sure it’s less « magical » like that.


What I am wearing on the pic: