I received the last update of the Prima body, and in the Elite pack they added some deformers. I was eager to try them on and maybe take a picture wearing some of them. And now I can tell I love them. As asian, I don't like having a big booty so the deformer for the the booty was very welcome. Actually I wear it on the picture and honestly speaking, it's not very flat, it flatten the roundness but makes it more natural and that's how I would imagine it had to be. For the shoulders, I also used one deformer, and I have to admit the look of the shoulders more that the actual mesh. I never really used deformers with my bodies until now, so I am a kind of noob for that, however I do love the fact that I can shape the body the way I want. If there was an addon I would like to have but never knew I could, it's definitely those deformers.

You can demo the body before Fameshed opens, here is your taxi.


PS: Thank you so much Nix for posing with me. If there was a person who could question my sanity, it's definitely: you. And you know how much I think you are insane 😀

Ce que je porte/ What I am wearing:

  • Head: LeLUTKA Ceylon Head 3.1
  • Lelutka
  • Body: *PRIMA* Femme Elite v1.0 (Petite version)
  • On October 1st at Fameshed
  • and later at Prima
  • Hairstyle: *barberyumyum*Jan.2019(Past FLF)
  • DP YumYum
  • Lingerie: *PRIMA* Satin Lingerie
  • On October 1st at Fameshed
  • and later at Prima
  • Deformers: *PRIMA* Booty Flat3 Deformer [part of the elite body pack] & *PRIMA* Soft Shoulder3 Deformer [part of the elite body pack]
  • On October 1st at Fameshed
  • and later at Prima






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