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EvilShawn, the only evil thing you have, it's your name.

Even if I am loner, even if I am that clumsy in my relationships, I really feel blessed to have such great guys surrounding me. I often say that i am an autist. Indeed, when i focus on something, I am absorbed to the point it monopolizes me, to the point I forget everything. In those moments, I am just stuck in my own pace, in my own space. I am truely the worst to stay in touch with people.

However, I am lucky.

In fact, I know I can count on you no matter what. I am boring, I am stubborn, I tease you, I am such a pain sometimes, but you are still around. I never imagined our friendship last that long. You even adopted me as sister. You definitely surprised me.

I always thought that having a family in Second Life was something i couldn't understand. Surely because I wasn't able to be close to people. I still don't get why people tends to adopt me though.The me you knew couldn't even speak without feeling ashamed of her accent, of her bad pronunciation. ( I really thought that only Apple could understand what I say.) After all, my english is so bad !

You made too much fun of it! (You still do though.)

You know what, I don't care anymore, more than that, I like that. It makes me laugh. I know you have to repeat, you have to explain me words, expressions, slang. What an annoying sis, huh ? Despite that, we accepted each other the way we are. Indeed, we are both weirdos. If only you could see yourself as i see you. I wish that one day, you will realize how great you are.

Even if we fight, even if I can be hot headed, you still remain in my heart, as my beloved little brother.


PS: Beware if you tell me that my english sucks, i'll bite you to death. Muhahahahah





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