Blabla, Blabla (fr)

Un dernier mot

16 mins read

Lorsque j’étais encore une toute petite fille, un soir de fête nationale, sous les lumières multicolores, au son des grondements, je me suis réfugiée dans les bras d’un jeune garçon. Je venais à peine de le rencontrer, je ne savais rien de lui. Si ce n’est que dans ses bras il apaisa mes craintes. Mon cœur tonnait au rythme des explosions, […]

Second Life (en)


2 mins read

I wrote a while ago that I loved reading and I must admit I read a lot of mangas. I love them so much. I also watch a lot of anime. Today, the photo is inspired by Tokyo ghoul. Indeed, […]

Second Life (en)

FameshedX Opening

2 mins read

This picture is my first covering FameshedX this month. So be prepared, more « sensual » pictures are coming featuring great designers, as I have the privilege to blog for them this round.

This monday February 10th, FameshedX will open its doors and last until March 6th.  […]

Second Life (en)


3 mins read

I rarely read group chat in Second Life. But last saturday, I don’t know why, I read it and tried to help someone. Now that I think of it, I remember why I don’t read group’s chat neither write on. It’s because Linden Lab eats most of my messages. It’s frustrating […]